Friday, 13 May 2011


Gone are those days,when we regard women as the most fragile and delicate element on earth.Women feel loved,cared for and appreciated.In our early 20's,men will do anything to be our friend,men will go extra miles to just to be called our boyfriend.Men shared true love with us,they don't just dare cheat on us.In our late 20's,we are already hooked with someone while numerous good looking men still ask for our hand in marriage.Our older women are like role model for young ladies.....Women are generally respected in the society.We have many virgins in the land.Faithful wives.BUT....this century,men can no longer care nor love women.90% of ladies in their early 20's lost their virginity,some in the name of love,some in the name of Rape.Women are no longer considered fragile element that needs to be appreciated.Court marriage has no effect/power on unfaithful husbands.Widows suffered.We begged to be loved.We believed lies.Men rules the world.they keep girlfriends.they will gratefully show you the door if you dare complain of their unfaithfulness.Men can gladly have extra marital affair.Women now turned to Football players,waiting to win the competition of Men.Good girls dates bad guys while Good guys dates bad girls.young ladies dates older men because of money and attention.Singles guys refused to settle down,Married men are on our neck for relationship.Beauty pageant has turned to Harlot pageants.Our guys can dump you for Rich girls.Good Ladies are suffering. Looking for a faithful man.Can we find one.Indeed...This is "Men's World."