Wednesday, 27 February 2013


I've found the meaning of breakthrough. Its in the pain that I overcame.
I've found the meaning of breakthrough, its going beyond "I can't".
Its somewhere I used to stop, somewhere that says "never go there!". 
But I endured my mind against the pain, against indescribable inconveniences.
And then I find myself on the other side:
And it feels like a roomful of light
So this is what I've been missing!
That was why thorns were there, blocking every try.

So every time you find an impossibility, 
know that waiting for you on the other side, 
is a roomful of golden lights.
how I keep pushing forward,
and then one day I look back, 
I find miles and miles of butchered thorns 
that I couldn't imagine who knifed it all: 
alas My breakthrough!!!
But I won't stop here.
I'll keep forging ahead,
keep closing my mind, 
to the piercing of 'don't go there'